Meet Our Founder

Scott Nichols

Scott Nichols, MBA knows how to sell people to companies. After 7 years of helping 800+ clients earn over $150M in compensation and funding, Scott has leveraged his experience and connections to build Velocity Pitch Decks. Velocity’s mission is to strategically guide global tech start-up founders to get funded faster through the creation of compelling investor pitch decks.

Before launching Velocity Pitch Decks, Scott’s drive, skillset, and focus on getting clients results led him to quickly become an industry-recognized, award-winning master resume writer, business communicator, and interview coach. Scott has written for hundreds of executive clients for the globe’s most recognized brands, including Apple, Google, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon, Tesla, LVMH, Coca-Cola, JPMorgan Chase, Credit Suisse, PayPal, Visa, Affirm, and more.

Scott knows how to tell a client’s story and get them recognized by their target audience. His strengths in written and verbal communication have proven invaluable in guiding clients across the finish line and helping them achieve their goals. For his resume clients, it means landing that next best role faster while earning more. For his pitch investor pitch deck clients, it means finding the right investors and getting his client’s innovation funded faster.

With an emphasis on quality, experience, and outcome, Scott’s reputation for delivering results has led to him earning an unmatched +60% of repeat and referral business from his clients. His personal values, which are evidently intertwined with his professional values, which include integrity, authenticity, collaboration, kindness, humor, and dreaming.

Scott is a big-picture thinker with an attention to detail and a passion for helping others achieve their goals. Outside of his professional pursuits, Scott is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, and songwriter with musical interests spanning multiple genres. It is no coincidence his songwriting and performance abilities have helped him succeed in his respective professional disciplines (resume writing and pitch deck creation) – both require a keen sense of vision, composition, organization, technique, and execution.