Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to write and design my pitch deck?

A: We strive to deliver your deck in 2 weeks or less once we have all the information we need. The reality is that questions come up, ideas come to mind, and sometimes we may need additional information to build the best deck possible, which can extend the project timeline. Our approach is to craft the content first, then move onto the design, then finalize the overall deck.

Q: What is involved in creating an amazing pitch deck?
A: There is a great deal of time and energy that goes into building a world-class pitch deck. In order to tell your company’s story in a compelling manner, we need to have a comprehensive understanding of your business and the problem you are working to solve. This is achieved by reviewing information you provide, asking thought provoking questions through conversation, conducting research as applicable, our writing time, design time, and revisions. Business knowledge, experience, and possessing the right skillset is essential. Some have it, some don’t. We do!
Q: Do you offer expedited services?
A: Yes! We recognize that sometimes opportunities come up and you need a deck fast. We are committed to your success and will work around the clock within reasonable timeframes. We do apply additional fees for expedited projects to offset working nights and weekends.
Q: What are the benefits of working with Velocity Pitch Decks to develop my startup’s pitch deck?

A: 1) You get an exceptional value for what wee offer 2) You can expect high-touch customer service 3) You can trust our business knowledge and skillsets needed to produce world-class pitch decks that have captured the attention of some of the top global investors 4) You can rest assured we are committed to your success 5) The value of our engagement goes far beyond just the pitch deck and will give you greater clarity and confidence in your pitch deck and pitch.

We don’t limit our communication and want to be with you along the entire journey of you getting funded, and beyond. We are equipped with unique experience and skills that truly stand out. We also have a strong and growing affiliate partnership network that is ready to help you scale your business once you are funded.

Q: Are there risks in working with a pitch deck consultant?

A: There are risks involved in all aspects of business, but are generally very limited when it comes to an engagement like this. On the contrary, our clients overwhelmingly come away from the experience of working with us with a much greater sense of clarity and confidence in their pitch deck and pitch!


Q: Will your pitch deck actually help me get funded faster?

A: While the pitch deck we create for you will greatly increase your chances of getting funded, there are many aspects of the fundraising process that are out of our, and even your control. Once you have your deck, it is up to you connect with investors, refine your product or service as needed, and make other critical business decisions. That said, we will do everything we can to help you in the process.

Q: What information do I need to provide Velocity to get started on my pitch deck?

A: There are a few basics, including your existing deck if you have one, logos, brand style guide (colors, font, other guidelines), product imagery, stock imagery, and any other documentation you think is relevant. We will also need to have a minimum of one in-depth conversation to go over business and pitch deck details. If you don’t have a brand style guide, market or competitive analysis, or financial data, DONT WORRY! We offer a range of services that will take that burden off your plate!

Q: Do you offer phone and email support?

A: Absolutely! In addition to phone and email support, we can conduct virtual meetings on Zoom or Google Meet. We are also on Slack, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp! We strive to be very responsive as we want to build trust and have strong, open communication.

Q: How many revisions are included?

A: The reality is it depends. Bottom line, we recognize you are heavily invested in your startup and we want you to be thrilled with the product we deliver as it represents you and hard working you are putting into your innovation. And sometime that takes a bit of fine tuning. We also want to make sure you are successful with your raise. As things come up and your business evolves, we want to make sure you are equipped to engage with investors.  

Q: What format will the pitch deck be created or delivered in, and will I be able to edit it?

A: We use a range of platforms to design our investor pitch decks, including Canva Pro, PowerPoint, and Adobe InDesign. If you have a preference, let us know ahead of time. You will receive both PDF and native files for your keeping and to edit as you see fit.

Q: What is your refund policy, and do you offer any guarantees?

A: We are committed to your satisfaction with our service and deliverables. While both parties reserve a right to terminate an agreement (refer to Client Agreement for additional details), we prefer to work with you to resolve any issues that may arise. Rest assured, we have never been asked for a refund. As for guarantees, if we give you a commitment, we will uphold that. What we can’t guarantee is if or when you will get funded, as there is a great deal of factors out of our control, including market dynamics, investor interest in your startup, your approach to engaging with investors, your pitching skills, etc. That said, we are determined to earn a high rate of referral and repeat business, as our reputation is staked on it. So, you can have peace of mind that we are here to support you on your journey!

Q: How do you handle emergency revision requests?

A: We will do what we can to accommodate revision requests. Depending on the scope of changes and time frame you are needing the changes back, we may require a fee to produce the work.

Q: What are your business hours?

A: While we are generally working around the clock to meet our clients needs, our office hours are 9-5 Mon-Fri. If you have scheduling constraints, let us know and we will make something work. We work with clients around the globe and are flexible to ensure our engagement works.