My Journey to Becoming an Investor Pitch Deck Writer

September 7, 2023

Every startup has an origin story. Earlier this year, I connected with a client with a remarkable career and a particular gift as a business matchmaker. After multiple attempts, she could not find a writer who could fully capture her story or the value she could bring to an organization. While collaboratively crafting her resume, which she absolutely loved, she introduced me to the niche art of creating investor pitch decks for startup founders. Through my research, I discovered the parallels between writing an exceptional resume and building an investor pitch deck, which are an absolute match for my unique skillset.

As a solopreneur, I pounced on the idea to build something new and expand my skill set. As with anything new we learn, there are challenges, times of frustration, and feelings of inadequacy. As a founder, you know this. That’s growth for you! But I embrace growth and the pain that comes with it. While recently talking with a startup investor who thought I was on the right path, he reassured me that if I could quickly reach the top of my industry, resume writing, which is highly competitive, I would have no problem excelling in my newly chosen field. There is a lot to accomplish to reach a new pinnacle of success, but I am taking lessons learned to improve my chances of success.

I can think of several reasons why I was successful as a resume writer:

  • I constantly challenged myself by earning challenging certifications and submitting my work in award competitions, of which I garnered several nominations and won 1st
  • I provided excellent customer service, earning me an exceptional rate of referral and repeat business.
  • I never compromised quality and took the time to fully understand my client’s unique story.

With this experience under my belt and much to show for it, including helping over 800 clients earn $150M in total compensation, I have pivoted to being an investor pitch deck creator. My passion is helping people and creating things. I am excited to work with brilliant individuals developing the latest innovations that will shape our ever-changing lives.

If you are a startup founder reading this, I want to help you and am committed to your success. Stay tuned for regular new content, and reach out to me if you have any questions or want me to review your pitch deck and help you succeed. My goal is to guide you to get funded faster.

Thanks for reading.


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