Telling Your Startup Story – Your Pitch Is More Than Your Product

September 20, 2023

Your pitch is more than your product

Your pitch deck, and perhaps more importantly, your presentation, needs to go beyond just laying out facts

You want to compel, move, and excite your investor audience

Achieve this through effective storytelling (ok, maybe that and some juicy traction, market size, and business model details!)

Consider this… your pitch deck, and perhaps more importantly, your presentation needs to tell an overarching story, where you paint a picture of the future we live in and a vision (big vision!) for a better future.


You also need to tell your own story within that overarching story


Your origin story serves as a foundation for why you are the right person to solve the problem you’ve identified.

You and your team can be the difference between getting funded and not.

Telling a story about your experience in your area of expertise, how you identified a problem, and why you are passionate about solving that problem will give investor more confidence in your pitch.

Yet Another story

There is another story to tell. Your customer’s. And this can and should be interwoven into your overarching story and personal story.

Here’s an example

Frame your problem around someone (let’s call her Jane). What problem is she experiencing? Why? What can be done to help her? This makes your solution (product/service) personable and more relatable.

Now, you can bring that same person back up when you are talking about your market size. For example “there are 7 million Janes experiencing the same problem that our solution can help…” As you can see, tying this person’s experience to a greater problem can be effective at painting a picture for your investor audience


Your pitch deck and your presentation are two different and complimentary artforms. As you prepare to raise funds, you will benefit from learning how to tell nested stories within your overarching story

Tell your story (stories) as your presentation and use your pitch deck visualize, add value, and enhance your story

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